Father's Day - Time for a Rolex!

A Rolex Watch for Father's Day - what a great idea!  It will be Father's Day in a few short weeks - I'll bet Dad won't be expecting a pre-owned Rolex Watch from your friendly neighborhood Monarch Jewelers! There are many advantages to purchasing a piece of from Monarch Jewelers. When it comes to a investing in a high-end piece - like a Rolex watch, you will get the best price and service in greater Hartford from Monarch Jewelers. Located in Farmington CT, the friendly staff at Monarch Jewelers can answer your questions about the variety of pre-owned Rolex watches in their showroom. Although some models may appreciate in value, the Rolex can be much more affordable. Older models which may have been discontinued can be a great value. Some of the most highly coveted models are models are made for divers, pilots, mountain climbers, and other sports enthusiasts. When making an investment in a Rolex watch, visit Monarch Jewelers in the heart of Farmington. Located minutes from Avon and Canton CT, Monarch Jewelers can be your one stop shopping resource for the holidays, special occasions, or any time.


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