Pearl Jewelry is timeless and classically beautiful, making a perfect gift now and as an heirloom for future generations.  Naturally produced pearls are rare. The finest classically cultured pearls are produced by the same process as those which occur in nature. Pearls are formed when an irritant enters the shell of an oyster. A material called nacre is excreted to coat the irritant, a process which will continue until the pearl is removed. The pearl is the only gemstone produced by an anim

Pearls are a metaphor for  something rare, fine, admirable and valuable. Colors occur in white, pink, silver, cream, brown, green, blue, black, and yellow. At Monarch Jewelers in Farmington CT we have beautiful pearl strand necklaces, pearl pendants, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets and pearl with diamond jewelry. Our pearl collections are of the highest quality and we have classic pearl pieces for a timeless look, and the newest designs for a modern look. To find out more information a