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When you are looking for the perfect piece of fine jewelry, vintage pre-owned watches, and gifts for all occasions, visit Monarch Jewelers. Find exactly what you desire in nearby Farmington at Monarch Jewelers Fine Jewelry and Gifts. Monarch Jewelers has been a cornerstone of Route 4 in Farmington for over three decades. Our 4,000 square foot showroom is filled with gorgeous fine quality jewelry. Our unique gift department featur

Monarch Jewelers invites you to visit our Farmington store to shop for jewelry Mom will love. Bracelets and charms are appropriate gifts for women of all ages. Our Joseph Jewelry bracelets, for example, are beautiful, distinctive, always an excellent way to commemorate significant events in your life. We offer bracelets in a wide variety of designs and styles, from simple and elegant bands to intricate woven designs accented with gemstones. Mother, Grandmother, or your young wife will enjoy a lo

Pearl Jewelry is timeless and classically beautiful, making a perfect gift now and as an heirloom for future generations.  Naturally produced pearls are rare. The finest classically cultured pearls are produced by the same process as those which occur in nature. Pearls are formed when an irritant enters the shell of an oyster. A material called nacre is excreted to coat the irritant, a process which will continue until the pearl is removed. The pearl is the only gemstone produced by an anim

Fine Silver Gifts and Jewelry

  Monarch Jewelers in Farmington is a wonderful resource for Mother's Day Gifts that any mom would love. The buyers at Monarch Jewelers select wonderful pieces of classic, beautiful jewelry that will be worn proudly for years. When you take the time to shop for a gift she will love, it will be appreciated and cherished. Our unique selection of elegant jewelry can be purchased at exceptional values. For Mother's Day or

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When you shop silver jewelry in greater Hartford, Monarch Jewelers suggests you begin right here in our Farmington store. Monarch Jewelers is well known as a resource for fine silver and designer jewelry. For Mother's Day or any occasion, a piece of fine silver jewelry will be appreciated. When silver jewelry is worn regularly, it develops a lovely patina  and grows more beautiful over time. For engagement gift

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Shop fashion jewelry at your neighborhood resource for high quality gifts - Monarch Jewelers. We have an amazing selection of women's fashion and designer jewelry in our Farmington CT store. For engagement gifts, birthdays, Mother's Day, or anniversaries, rest assured our selection of quality jewelry will accommodate any occasion. At Monarch Jewelers we stock new, exciting, up to date fine quality inventory from some