Monarch Jewelers invites you to shop engagement rings in Farmington CT. If you are planning a Christmas Engagement, you will find great value in our family owned store. The finest engagement rings in the greater Hartford area are right here at Monarch Jewelers. Choose a family owned company when purchasing your token of love. The decision you make will change your life! Selecting the ring your love will wear for the rest of her married life with you is serious business. This token of your betrothal will be passed to future generations. A wedding ring is a symbol of your everlasting love. Monarch Jewelers has His and Hers matching wedding bands you must see.

When shopping for a unique engagement ring, consider options like mixed metals, antique style rings, the brightest and clearest diamonds, minimalist simple engagement rings and diamond inlays. There are so many ways that you can customize an engagement ring. At Monarch Jewelers we have the selection and the eye to pair the person with the perfect ring. Our shop is located in Farmington CT. We serve all engagement ring shoppers in the Farmington Valley and West Hartford CT area. When you are starting to look for a ring that signifies your commitment and love, start at Monarch Jewelers. Call today for information 860-679-7700.

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