I brought in my engagement ring that was purchased from a different jeweler out of town to be inspected. My center stone had come loose 2 times within a month and I was starting to get worried that there was something really wrong with the setting. I decided to bring it to Monarch as my family has been going to this shop for years. I was greeted by Gina who is wonderful and reassured me that their jeweler would get down to the bottom of why my stone kept coming loose. Gina called me a few hours later and explained that the jeweler wanted to replace the head on my engagement ring as my diamond was not secure in the current setting. I got my ring back two days later and am floored by how beautiful the ring looks. I personally think it looks 100x better than when I brought it in. The jeweler Jesse was completely honest and upfront when I asked him his opinion on a few things. I admire the honesty of this place and the people that work here. I am beyond ecstatic with how my ring looks now. Thank you guys for the amazing customer service and for making my ring even more beautiful than it originally was.