Are you well versed in the most popular engagement ring cuts? When shopping for an engagement ring, the shape and cut of the diamond you select is a matter of personal taste. Monarch Jewelers is a family owned and operated jewelry store in the West Hartford and Farmington CT area. We carry the finest diamond engagement rings in greater Hartford.  What follows are the basics of the top 5 basic diamond cuts.

1. Round

Round cut diamonds are the most popular diamonds sold.  Light reflects better in a round cut stone, giving the diamond more sparkle.

2. Princess cut

Coming in second place is the princess cut. This type of diamond cut has been around since the 1980s. What’s great about the princess cut is that it can be used in a lot of different ring styles.

3. Oval

This type of cut is is very similar in design to the round cut diamond. It will also reflect the light in a beautiful way due to its shape. The oval cut is a shape that makes the diamond look bigger.

4. Pear shaped

Said to look like a tear drop this beautiful cut diamond starts off round at the bottom and tapers off to a point.

5. Cushion cut

Last but not least is the cushion cut diamond. This particular diamond has been around for almost two hundred years! Not the least bit surprising, one look at this beautiful diamond and you will be mesmerized.

Come check out our store in Farmington, CT and pick out your favorite diamond cut for that special someone.  Call 860-679-7700.

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